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In-laws streaming HD
 3.8 stars
Genre: Comedy,
Runtime:80 min
Release add: 2014-10-24
Production: MediaPro Entertainment,

Ionut and Mariana will get married soon. It's time to meet their families and to plot the happy event. In-laws seem to understand perfectly: passion for TV series unites luxury, Romanian music of the '80s and brandy. Especially brandy. As the bottles are emptied, misunderstandings begin to appear. Three couples, three visions on marriage: fast and opulence (with white doves and Holograf Fuego), traditional wedding (with musicians and tent), or a youthful? Different options, different camps. No one fails. Moreover, the two parents-in-law remember that they met once, 25 years ago. They were in different camps. Now that miraculously brought back to life to face. Follow great challenge. It takes a miracle that this wedding is to be held.

Credit: Wikipedia (fair use)

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