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Rocker Balik Kampung streaming HD
 3.8 stars
Genre: Comedy,Drama,
Runtime:90 min
Release add: 2018-07-12

Joe Santani (Wingky Wiryawan) is a rocker whose musical career is running out. He is losing his creativity and purpose of life. One day someone from his past, Ujang (Iang Darmawan) comes at his home to deliver the message from Abah Rahman (Shanjaya), head of Sinar Asih village, Joe's hometown: asking him to go home. He hopes this trip will rediscover his inspiration and purpose of life. In the village of Sinar Asih, he meets again with people from his past. One of them is Andini, the woman who has many memories with him. The problem is getting more complicated when the village of Sinar Asih is experiencing the kerosene crisis and the health condition of Abah Rahman is not possible to lead the villagers through the crisis.

Credit: Wikipedia (fair use)

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